The Wristwatch Expert

Today is the Indak Indak sa Dalan in the celebration for Kadayawan Festival; Indak Indak sa Dalan is a dance show in the street. Mostly they would dance the native dance with tambo and the native costumes. But instead of watching the show, Mj and I were busy at the pool; actually it was her who is so busy swimming since I am just there, talking with the parents and Ate Charlote. When the kids finished their training, we agreed to have lunch in the mall, and had long chitchats. After lunch I sent Mj to Kumon while I went back to the mall to meet them again, we supposed to play bowling but we changed our mind because I wanted to buy a battery for my wrist watch, the one that the NCCC mall had seems like trying to trick me, he would charge me P500 pesos for the cleaning. I really thought he charged me much with cleaning service since he said that my watch is no longer functioning because it has been a while since the battery was drained. I know that but I think the watch is not defective so I asked my friend if she knew someone who is a wristwatch expert. When I went to Gaisano Mall and have the watch checked, I found out that the screws were loosened so it didn’t function. I think that guy from NCCC mall is trying to fool me around, thank GOD that my friend referred me to a person who doesn’t tricked people.

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  1. chubskulit says:

    Is indak indak sa dalan “sayaw sayaw sa daan”? Never pa ako nakapanood ng kadayawan, pang ang ganda.

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