Mommy Moments Time

Finally, I was able to have my toenails and hair done just today. Right after I sent my Mj to Kumon, I hurriedly went to a saloon before I bought her Nintendo charger and got Faith’s newly repaired shoes. I had it repaired the other day and I supposed to get it back yesterday but I was too busy to drop at the mall so I decided to let it stay for one more day besides I did not let Faith to go to school because of her cough and colds. Her two classmates were already admitted for bronchitis, her pediatrician told us that it was really good for Faith to have the anti pneumonia vaccine before because that prevented her for having a bronchitis, she still had phlegm though that needs to be treated but at least it is not that severe.

My sister arrived here late so instead of going out early to run my errands I was not able to do it, but nobody can stop me for having a mommy moments time, that’s what I told my husband when he called me in the saloon earlier.

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