Flu Vaccine

Next week my kids will be having their flu vaccine, it supposed to be today but my youngest is having a cough and colds right now. It has been like 3 days since she is absent from school because she is sick. She doesn’t have a fever though but I think it is better for her to rest at home so she can recover immediately. Since, flu is kicking in these days, it is advantage for them to have a vaccine for prevention. Vaccines prove enough for so I am not taking any risk not to have that vaccine. I already told my husband about this, and he agrees with me, I know it is expensive but what matter is that they are protected.

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  1. Mona says:

    Si Kyla yearly ang flu vaccination nya .. Last week my cough din sya pero walang fever at hindi naman ganon ka severe i mean madalang kasi still attending school.

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