Stayed Home

It is good to stay at home with the kids, it fulfills me somehow to do some house chores while they were just there watching TV, my eldest daughter will help a little but I sometimes don’t want her to force to do something around the house because I know how she gets too busy during weekdays. So mostly, I just asked her to arrange some stuff.

This afternoon, after I took a nap, I dragged my youngest to buy some ice cream at the store nearby, but she wanted to wear shoes and not slipper and I was just wearing a slipper not shoes since we only have to take a tricycle to get there. She was so stubborn, she cried so much but since I really want her to come along with me, I carried her and the slipper and went off to hail a tricycle, she cried but later on, she was all right then. And she can’t help to running around the store again.

My cousin and my niece and my nephew came to visit us and of course to munch some ice cream as well. They also had dinner with us; I have to buy a lechon manok since I really don’t cook on weekend. I oftentimes ordered or just go to the nearby chooks to go for our food.

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