Calgary, A Great Province

At one times I think I would like to move to Canada. I think it would be a great place for us to raise our daughters. There are many fine cities in Canada and Calgary apartments for rent, my husband is interested to live in Calgary. That’s one place I also want to see. Definitely, I would want to choose a location where we could settle in, find good work and enjoy the sites, scenes and events in Canada.

From what I have learned, Alberta is great province and Calgary is a great city. My husband is a sports fan and he enjoys hockey and football, Calgary has professional teams in both. But if I move to Calgary, I think I would be more interested in renting an apartment or house for us instead of buying right away.

I would want to do this for several reasons, renting a place to live in Calgary would give us the opportunity to find good schools for the kids, locations close to jobs and to really find out if we would like living there. Renting would spare us from the investment we would need to buy a home. If bought a home there and later decided we did not like the location, we would be stuck until we could sell our property. For us, moving to a new location like Calgary, renting would be the best way to start.

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