Spent it with Friends

I am just so happy to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my friends from the club. Even though my husband was not here with me, they were there for me to cheer me up. We just had a buffet lunch at Nanay Bebeng in Marfori, and I was thankful that when we arrived there during lunch, there’s a parking area for my car. LOL. You know, this has been an issue for me because I am worried that if I go to the mall, I can’t park my car because the area is too tight and I don’t know yet how to park properly. One friend of mine came along with a gift, I didn’t ask them to bring any gifts because it was only a small treat, but she still did. It is a frame with a poem about marriage. I would show you the picture of it next time.

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  1. Belated Happy Wedding Anniversary Anne…I wish the next time you celebrate the most important event in your life, the loving husband is there beside you. Congrats again.

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