Tough Week

We had a very tough week but thank GOD that we were able to surpass it all. I had posted this in FB one day, “I thank God for all the blessings” that was before the tough week we had this week. And you know what that’s true because GOD has never left me during, when I needed him the most. He was always there to make a way for us. Just like as they said that PHIC would just deduct in according with what make’s the person sick, for example if that’s only a cough or something like that, they would carry out lesser amount. So I thought that UTI can’t carry out that much. I was surprised because PHIC carried almost more than a half of the bill. My husband does not need to send me more money for the payment.

And the conclusions for appendicitis were not the last findings. Thus, there’s no operation needed as what they had said to do first. Although Mj was not able to compete yesterday yet to know that she’s already out of danger was more than a price for a MOM.

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  1. Mona says:

    praise God … almost same situation with Kyla .. Anyway, be safe i hope you are not experiencing typhoon right now.

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