Korea Electronics Show

At one time I had no interest in electronics; they just did not interest me.  However when I started using my computer and cell phone, I found it very engaging, as a matter of fact, I want to learn as much as I can about electronics.  Now that my niece is studying Information Technology (IT) in college, it has almost become an obsession.

If I can learn the basic functionality of electronics it will be a big help to me.  I know that electronics touch almost everything in our daily life, whether it is our cell phone, car, television, computer and even our refrigerator, they all have electronic components.

Many of the products we use were made in Korea or have electronic parts that were made there.  Korea is the 4th ranked producer of electronics in the world and their products have a very good reputation.  The expertise in electronics is based on 51 years of experience in the industry, providing a firm foundation for their products and confidence of the consumer in knowing they are buying a well-made product.

To know more about KES you might want to visit http://www.kes.org.

If you are like me and eager to know what KES has to offer, they are holding a huge electronics exposition.  Conferences and presentations concerning government IT policies and how it they may affect you, the consumer, are available.  From Food, Agriculture and Fishery ministries we are seeing more dependence on the use of IT in providing better services to the public.

If the electronics extravaganza interests you at all, just click


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  • Report on Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010:


  • Korea Electronics Show 2011 Brochure:


On the other hand, in this year KES has broaden their technology products and that’s the Smartphone APP. The Smartphone app will be released soon for KES 2011. Now those were only a teaser, you may want to learn more about the show, so why would you not stick around and visit http://www.kes.org/ for more details.

KES 2011 is Coming Soon!

Brief introduction on 42nd Korea Electronics Show 2011 (KES 2011)

  •  Theme: Be smArt!
  •  Exhibition field – ICT, Imaging and Solutions, Multimedia and Home Entertainment, Living Consumer Electronics, Car Electronics and Securities, Convergence and Other applications, Modules, Parts and Materials.

It also includes the following:

  • Pre-registration for KES
  • Arrange buyer-seller meetings
  • Guide on exhibitions and event
  • Public transportation and shuttle bus

And many more!

Please visit http://www.kes.org/ for more details

Please visit http://www.kes.org/visit/visitRegist.do for pre-registration

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