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Praybeyt Benjamin Trailer

Finally, we were able to watch the Praybeyt Benjamin. I also took with me, Moreen and Dodong since I went to their house yesterday to send the clutch that my mechanic needed. We had so much fun, the moment the movie started to air. I just ordered a pizza and we munch it inside the cinema while watching the most awaited movie of the year.

It was truly unkabogable, their jokes are somewhat corny but I don’t know, Vice Ganda really had this charisma really to make you laugh so hard. So it was all worth it, the amount that I paid was all worth it. We arrived home reminiscing the scenes of the movie.

7th Rank

I was so happy to know when my friend told me some news regarding with my daughter’s swimming competition yesterday. She said Mj was ranked on the number 7, that means she is included to be one of the participants for DAVRAA or Davao Region Athletic Association this coming February. She worked hard for this and we are thankful that she was able to achieve her goal in swimming. As I said she still have a lot to improve with her speed, but we are not worried because I know her coach would be there along the way and would back her up through out the whole competition. Once again congrats Mj!

To Gain Access For Easy Literature

I was in college when I had a hard time our literature subject, for me everything is just so complicated. When my teacher would ask us to dig the meaning of a certain poem, it always breaks my head in two. Nowadays, I am sure students will no longer have a hard time when it comes to research for literature because online you can actually find what you are looking for in literature resources, I am somewhat envious with today’s generation because you can what you want to know in just one click or one tap of your computer. Imagine? You can find what you need just like rare manuscripts, historical newspapers, the author’s biography so on and so forth easily. I guess, if you are just patience enough and determined enough of your research, you could actually find it just right on your computer. You don’t need to dig up thousand of books in the library just to search perhaps of the author of a certain book. If only if Internet were easy to gain access before, literature would be my favorite subject then but since its not, I choose accounting as my major. But I am so impressed with other student how much they love about literature; their passion to understand it is just so stunning.

Don’t Slipped It Away

Your smile is so sweet every time you see your crush, I could understand that but if his presence would affect what you are doing already that’s not good anymore. Your friends teased you so this boy must know. If I were you, don’t tell who is your crush to them, but you should tell me because I would never tease you in public and will never embarrassed you when your crush is near. Meanwhile you really have to stop, you have to prioritize your training and don’t mind the tease anymore. You are still young, great opportunities will be knocking at your door and you should not slipped it away. Boys? There are many of them, so take it a time.