Biggest Quest

The weather was good today, so I didn’t have fear while driving unlike yesterday. Right after I went to the mall to buy a new wiper for my car. The rain pour so hard, it just when I have to turn right near the mall, when the car started fogging, I could not see the road! So I pressed the hazard button and went to the side of the street. I stayed there for a while and waited for the rain but then when it started to subside and I started the engine, the rain poured so hard again, I stopped again, the aircon did not function at that time, so I really have to open the window so it doesn’t fog yet I just can’t because I would get wet inside the car.

I stopped like 3 times and on the third time when I started the aircon, it function all so sudden so I went ahead and when the car runs for like 30 minutes, the wiper just stopped. I could not see the road again so I stopped at the gasoline station and I asked some help from the in-charge to install the wiper I just bought.

My travel time was nearly like 3 hours, good thing the training was not pursue at that day. From 3:30 pm, I arrived at my daughter’s school exactly at 6:00 p.m., that was indeed the biggest quest for me in driving.

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