The Truth Will Reveal

The truth will always reveal at the end, I know how much you hate us but don’t you know your hatred will pull you down?

When does this all started, it started when your team threw us some bad complains on the first competition we joined and then when we confronted the host of that competition, his decision was supposed to be fair for both of us. But then when we are already there in the venue, your team got offended with the decision. You even went crazy over there; somebody has thrown a chair on the pool. The decision then followed, that, your coach is a liar, I don’t know if he puts some potion on your foods why you all still believe in him. So we said okay, that was not the only competition that we will be joining, I know then we still get to see each other and so I was not wrong.

Last DCAA, all a sudden we heard complain from your group, the thing was, you complain against your relatives who were our teammates. We were surprised because, they are your own nephews and yet you got the nerves to complain against them because you have been told so. You said that the one who swam for the other kid was his brother while it was not true, they have their own events. And then later you complained that Grade 7 is not an elementary but a high school, which was not also true. You even used one teacher to complain and to tell us those things. And now, I am not sure if you coached her because she was not telling the truth at their principal, she said that the complainant was not you but your teammate who happens to be in the same unit. It was not rise during DCAA; the teacher said it was you who complained why all so sudden the story then was twisted.

We did not attack the teacher, we already told her about everything and what really happened before and yet she keep on questioning our team mates who happens to be your nephews. My goodness, when can you all move on? When can you appreciate your nephews, your own bloodline that they also deserve these achievements? Why can’t you be happy of what they got now?

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