Life Today

I am so full right now, my sister cooked a very sumptuous paksiw, I just can’t help but to eat a lot and I mean a lot. My daughter hurriedly ate her share not because she likes it but because she wanted to eat the ice cream right away that we stored in the freezer since this afternoon. It was too hot this afternoon that I told my sister to buy us some ice cream for us to cool down; my youngest daughter went with her.

Right after I had my manicure has done with Amie and ate a cup of ice cream, I went to bed to take a nap since I have to fetch my eldest daughter so I could send her to her Kumon for her English. While she was at the Kumon, I also went out to the mall to buy some grocery items and bought the magazine I had been planning to buy for. It was raining but I guess I can manage to drive this time even if it rains.

4 Responses to “Life Today”

  1. Lizzie says:

    Wah! Inggit much! I also love paksik. 🙁 But for now, I’m craving bicol express!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Wah! Inggit much! I also love paksiw. 🙁 But for now, I’m craving bicol express!

  3. Elvirah says:

    Children speak their mind and do what their hear says, thats why they are called God sent angels.

  4. joe-ann says:

    I love paksiw too. This can mean happiness to me.:)))

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