Wearing Scarf In The Middle Of The Day

One day, we were surprised when my friend wore a scarf in the middle of the day, it is dreading so hot here and it is just weird if someone would wear like that. Oh well, she said she feels like she want to wear it since she got many scarves at home that she did not wear it for a long time. She worked in Japan and there are times that it gets cold so she has to buy some thick clothes or winter clothes and since she did not work there anymore because she had to go home for her kids, she brought all her scarves for remembrance.

Like everyone else, I also want to experience to be in another country to experience winter season, I also want to collect some scarves to wear or wear winter clothes. I always wonder what it feels like or what do I look like when I wear those thick clothes.

On the other note, we are also wearing sweater here when it rains so hard, just like a while ago, the rain pours so hard and it was so windy. I have to let Faith wear the sweater that my friend gave her, she was so cute when she wears oh well she loves to wear different type of clothes and would pose in front of me like a model does. She even asked me to take a picture of her while she smiles so wide. Too bad, the battery of our camera was empty so I was not able to capture her wearing her new sweater.

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