Victim Again

I went out yesterday to grocery shop, I was looking for some fishes to cook for a sinigang today. I tried so hard to check the bangus displayed in the counter, the first group was so big and the eyes were already red so I thought maybe I just have to forget to cook for sinigang. But on the other display counter, there’s a group of bangus or milkfish that was displayed, I didn’t realize that too was not even fresh, or how would I say it, stale because when sister cooked it tonight for our dinner, the fish was smelly and when my daughter tasted it, it is itchy to the tongue so we throw the whole bowl. And I decided to just buy a roasted chicken nearby; we were already so hungry to wait for another hour if we have to cook for dinner again. I should have checked the fish thoroughly; I really thought that those were so fresh; I didn’t realize it was only because of the reflections of the lights that they put on top of those wet goods.

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