Music During Our Breakfast

Every morning, I would always look for some foods that are easy prepare since we are always in a hurry for school. Mj would prepare her things after she would take her shower sometimes when she still have a chance, since she is a member of a glee club at school, she would ask me if she could download some songs over the Internet while waiting for me to finish cooking. One day, she was so worried because her teacher requires her to download a particular song, good thing I was only frying some pork chops and I could leave it in the frying pan for like a minute, thus I had a chance to help her which website that could help us find that music that she need.

We found one though, and we found the song that her teacher required her to download. After she downloaded it, she also checked the world music charts on that website, she was so happy and so overwhelmed that she almost forgot to take her breakfast before going to school. Oh well, while I am around, she could not leave the house with an empty stomach because I would always remind her of her breakfast.

Later that night, after we were done our dinner, she immediately turns the computer on to download more of her favorite songs. She downloaded it on my cell phone so when I drive, she will just play the MP3 on my cellphone thus we could listen our favorite music then. We are so glad that we found that website because we could be updated with the top 100 music charts, so even though we don’t have radio in our house and that we are only depending the Music Videos in TV, we are still aware of what music is on top of the list and what music is trend right now. Because they offered a large collection of music so whatever kind of music you like, they have it in there.

Our morning now is not that dull anymore, while we are taking our meal, my daughter would turn the speaker on of our computer and viola, we could enjoy listening to our favorite music or songs. So even though we are always in a hurry early in the morning, we still found ourselves so relax, so calm that you might don’t notice that we are actually trying not to be late for school. And you know what? My daughter is actually starting to download some Christmas songs and I am sure my youngest daughter would enjoy it because she simply loves Christmas.

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