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No Dessert On New Years Eve

Sigh! I guess I will have no dessert on New Years Eve, the person who supposed to take my order yesterday for egg tart and Pineapple pie will be going home today. And I am way too late to order cakes from my other friend, geez I should have order the egg tart like two days ago, maybe I already have it yesterday. Anyway, even if I don’t have dessert on New Year’s Eve I still want to greet you a Happy New Sweet Year. Toootttt! Tooottt! Tooottt!

FTF # 1 : Moist Cake

This is the chocolate cake baked by my friend; I ordered it from her last Christmas. This has been her business for many years now; she can bake like 20 per day depend on the order. Recently, somebody ordered 200 moist cakes, so when Christmas and New Year is coming expect her to be so busy. I thought this could be a nice business, how I wish I know how to bake or I have an oven so I can bake.

This is my first entry for Food Trip Friday, if you have any yummy foods to share just click the badge.


Sweets on Christmas Eve

I didn’t expect I would have many sweets on Christmas, good thing my friend called me and asked me when will I get the butterscotch, brownies and the moist cake I ordered a week ago. I totally forgot about it, good thing too that I didn’t buy any cakes at the mall when I grocery shop for our Christmas Eve. Oh well, I also forgot about to buy one that when I arrived home, my daughter asked me any cakes.

On the other note, so my friend contacted me over the phone and I immediately went to their house to get it. Another surprise happened when I went there; she gave me a box of cup cakes as her giveaway to all her customers.




And this was her freebies for me, a box of cup cake, which consists of 6 cup cakes.

For The Funny Coach And Dad

As I did not really set a time for me to buy gifts and I was really cramming when I bought gifts for the kids. I didn’t know I still have one person I need to buy a gift to; he is no other than the coach of our team. I should have bought a t-shirt last night but we were already in a hurry after we watched a movie so as I browse from website to another website, I noticed that funny dad t-shirts are in trends right now. Thus, it gave me an idea what to give to our coach, he is a funny coach so I know he is funny as well to his family. I witnessed how he supported his daughter for her sport, which is obviously swimming and I also witnessed how he loves his wife so much.