Taking My Vitamins Daily

My friends keep on telling me to take vitamins daily, I admit I am not really into eating veggies and I am glad that my eldest daughter is learning to love vegetable salad since she really need it for her training. Yet, for me to at least live long is to take some vitamins since I keep on going out sometimes in the middle of the day. I am taking Vitamin E for a moment, recently I realized since I keep on sweating when I drive I also have to take Vitamin C so these two vitamins should I not forget every morning and from then on when I feel like I really need to take those, I don’t forget to take them at all unlike before.

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  1. Elvirah says:

    Thats right either we hat to eat nutritious food or take vitamins to keep up with our health. And thats must to have strength to manage our daily work activities.

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