Citrus Fruit As The Substitute

Ever since I was driving without an aircon, when I arrived at home, my asthma would always attack me. This morning, since I don’t have seretide, I was able to find out a substitute for it; actually I have used the citrus fruit twice already so I am sure it is effective. The procedure is so simple, you just squeeze the lemon or citrus fruit and put it in a glass, pour some water and just like a juice I put some sugar in it. Then viola, slowly my cough was gone and I can breath easily as well. Although it takes time for the asthma to go away yet it is effective and most importantly it doesn’t have chemicals on it. But if you can’t take it anymore of course an air puff would be an immediate medicine for that, so as I don’t like to take the risk, I bought a seretide today.

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