Our Dinner Tonight

I didn’t fetch my eldest daughter from her school; instead my sister was the one who fetch her today to send her to Kumon. Since she has to go back home to take her son with her to buy some jeans in the mall for her son’s birthday so to minimize the expenses for today I just sent her to Mj’s school so she can fetch her son after.

Thus, I am the one who have to cook dinner today, and what I am preparing now is sinigang na bangus. My friend just gave me some kangkong last week, I thought I could not used them at all I even thought to buy some kangkong in the nearby market but when I checked it just before I thawed the fish, some leaves can still be cooked. So for dinner tonight, sinigang na bangus!

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  1. Naglaway ako sa singigang na bangus hehehe

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