Sorry to spoil your thoughts but it is not the teriyaki dish but a tira yaki meaning tira (left from the previous meal). I might confused you with my description but that’s really I would like to describe our breakfast this morning. After the training, last night  Mj and I dropped by at the mall to grocery shop and since my friend was also there to buy some pillows, we agreed to have our dinner there. It was a very sumptuous Victorian spare ribs. Anyway so we did not eat at home and thus, there are foods that were left in the table, we put it in the refrigerator just before we went to bed and that’s how the tirayaki brought up, because that is definitely our breakfast this morning. Do you also eat tirayaki? Hehehe.

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  1. Mona says:

    i thought japanese word anyway oo naman hehe dami laging left over sa amin =)

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