They Took Us The Wrong Order

The other day, I invited my friend for a dinner in Crepelato; I was so excited to introduce to her their dishes. On their menu, they indicated the price of each dishes. Her daughter ordered the Kare-Kare, we even asked her if how many people could eat of that serving, the in-charge said, it is only for one person. Mj ordered the Native Chicken Adobo since they don’t have the pork adobo and we ordered the Victorian Spare Ribs. We enjoyed our dinner so much, their Kare-Kare was really good and their Spare Ribs really was a blast until we paid our dinner. When my friend handed me the bill since she will be the one to pay half, and mine is the other half, when I checked the receipt, I noticed that the Kare-Kare was overcharged. On their menu, the price was only like P69.00 yet on their receipt they charge us like P150.00. I was shocked so I asked my friend of the amount, she asked then the in-charge and the waiter told us that we ordered the special and not the one in the menu on their front desk. My friend got mad, and told the waiter, that it was not our fault. What if we don’t have extra money, how could we pay if they took the wrong order?

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