No Dessert On New Years Eve

Sigh! I guess I will have no dessert on New Years Eve, the person who supposed to take my order yesterday for egg tart and Pineapple pie will be going home today. And I am way too late to order cakes from my other friend, geez I should have order the egg tart like two days ago, maybe I already have it yesterday. Anyway, even if I don’t have dessert on New Year’s Eve I still want to greet you a Happy New Sweet Year. Toootttt! Tooottt! Tooottt!

One Response to “No Dessert On New Years Eve”

  1. Had the same dilemma earlier. I was supposed to buy cake from Red Ribbon only to find out that all the good variants were sold out already.

    Plus the line! It was a queue with no end!

    Anyway, cake or no cake, Happy New Year! 😀

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