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Eagle Ridge: The New Resto

Last Sunday, we went at the new resto nearby, my sister reminded me immediately of my camera as we were about to go to the church but when we tried it at the restaurant to take a picture of our favorite hito. The battery went exhausted and we were not able to take pictures. But of course even though without camera, we enjoyed the hito so much, there were no other customer but us so even though the kids were crazy, no eyes were on us because the place was quiet. I don’t know if you feel it was good because for us, it was.

Yummy Sunday # 4: Foods On Her Birthday

Here were the foods that my brother in law cooked for us during my eldest daughter’s birthday and the lechon was roasted by our suki. Due for being busy, I was not able to take a picture of the foods one by one, sigh again!

Had A Blast At The Pool Today

We just had a blast today, another swimmers celebrated their birthday at the pool so our lunch and dinner was saved. I am so full that I did not eat our dinner at home tonight. Life is just so right when you have to eat for free, I have to thank my friend Lulu for the foods and greet her sons a happy birthday!

FTF # 4 : Kreme Donut

I guess everyone of you knows this doughnut it is obviously from Kreme Donut. Do you want to have a bite? Come and get it.

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