I Ate Two Lechon For Two Days Now!

Yesterday was the birthday of my friend’s Mom and I love the lechon so much, and this one is nice though because it was cut evenly so you don’t have to cut your share. We went there like exactly at 6:00 p.m., it was just the right time for dinner and right after we entered the house, and the table that is full of foods was ready for us. So the guests immediately picked their plates and collected the foods that were presented in the table, my night was awesome I was so full!

And today was another birthday celebration, it was the birthday of our coach and again one of the foods that were on the table is lechon. I intended not to eat breakfast because I was waiting for our lunch; I know it would be a big attack for foods and the lechon again so it is better to prepare my tummy. I was already starving when we arrive at their house and the waiting is all worth it. Again! I had a blast; I am so full with these lechons I ate for two consecutive days! Yay! I guess another lechon to prepare next week!

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