Feels Like I Am Full

Since we are here in Marbel for the competition, our breakfast this morning was boiled egg and a coffee. The kids had boiled eggs and a cup of Milo; they are not allowed to have a heavy breakfast because they might vomit after their events if they are so full. And since the parents were also tensed for their kids, they did not eat much as well. There were many bread left this morning and until now we still have it, it feels it is just there forever.,

This lunch, we all went to Jollibee for the kids to have a one cup of rice and fried chicken. No ice cream for them still because they still have event in the afternoon. The competition went okay, my kid still have a place even though she is a newbie for her age bracket she just said she will just make it up in the future. Although we just ate boiled eggs in the morning, rice and fried chicken in the afternoon without snacks at all, we still feel so full with our achievements today.

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