No For Too Much Water Intake

I am here in our room that we rented in CDO right now and while everybody is sleeping I am here again blogging trying to fall asleep. While we were on the road today I realized that when you are traveling you should not take too much water because if you do, you would get to pee every now and then and you won’t like to be the cause of the bus or the van to stop by right? We dropped by in Valencia this afternoon to have our lunch, I already have a glass of Coke yet my friend gave me another one and since I am a Coke addict, I drank another glass of Coke. I already have peed just before we hit the road but just like 30 minutes by I have to ask the driver to stop for nature’s call and I hate it because I would be then the reason why our travel took so long oh well plus the traffic.

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