Dinner At Marco Polo Buffet Restaurant

I had a blast today; I had a post celebration for Valentines Day with my friend Cheryl. That was our first time though to dine in a prestigious hotel here in our city. We didn’t even know where’s the restaurant located, we have to asked from the reception area where is the buffet dinner located, oh well, you don’t have to worry we survived. And yes we were there at the Marco Polo Buffet Restaurant for the first timer like us when we approach our table and the waiter gave us a glass of water, I feel like I don’t want to go away from our table because of the place, uh oh don’t get me wrong the place is so cozy, so vibrant so cool that I feel like I was nailed where I was seated because we don’t know how to act naturally if we walked towards where the foods were placed. But if we don’t get our butt up from our chair, how could we experience their great foods, the ambiance, and this kind of restaurant that we haven’t been before? So we have to. I have to eat those dishes that were waiting for us those desserts, those cakes and salads on the display. And two thumbs up, we survived and I could say we belong not with the rich people that surrounds us but for the place because they made us feel that we have the right and be accommodated the same satisfaction that the high profile could get. Next destination will be Pearl Farm… Let’s see!

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