Afternoon Snack:Pancake

I usually be the one to cook pancake for snacks when the kids doesn’t have school but we didn’t have the ready mix so I thought to just buy some bread at the store nearby. To my surprise my sister offered to cook for pancake, using flour, egg, soda Royal Tru Orange and sugar. The kids were gathered at the kitchen, Mj helped a little by putting margarine in the pancake that was done cooking. Faith as usual was the one who taste it all, she always said, “It’s yummy Mama, want more, want more”.

I wasn’t able to eat my lunch yesterday but I was so full with the pancake that my sister made for us, it seems like every piece was so heavy that one pancake would be enough for you. It is different from the ready mix because that was too light; you will get more and more until it was all finish. Our afternoon snack was complete.

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  1. yummmy :)) one of my fave breakfasts!

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