Losing Her Appetite

Every after Mj’s training, she would ask me some money for her to buy some cookies in the canteen at the clubhouse. I usually gave her before so she has something to munch in the car. I know how tired she was on her training to so to reward her; I would let her buy biscuits. But I notice that when I allow her to have cookies inside our car, when we arrived home she would forget to eat her dinner. There was one time, she did not eat at all, she just went to bed and sleep and I was worried so would get sick. So to discipline her, I will not buy her some cookies although sometimes if there are breads ready on our table, I would let her to eat one piece, no more, no less so when we arrive home, her appetite to eat dinner will not be lose.

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  1. genny says:

    skyflakes nalng para light ang…cookies man gud bug-at di na gana mo eat..:-)

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