Birthday Party At McDonald

We were invited for a birthday party yesterday, it was schedule at 3:30 p.m., and so I drove down there to send Faith. I just dropped her and sister Merlyn in the venue, then I drove off to fetch Mj at school, Mj wanted to join the birthday party as she was also invited but she had Kumon to attend to, so I just told her I would give her a burger after her session. After I sent Mj to Kumon, I went again to Faith. The host was kind enough to give me a complete meal even though Faith and sister Merlyn has already done my share. Of course I was also kind enough to grab the offer, I ate the fried chicken as usual, rice, twirl ice cream, I have an extra burger so I set that one aside for Mj. There are  many guests and kids, later the cheeseburger mascot went inside to surprise the kids, he danced for them as well and invited the kids to dance with him. Of course, the picture taking will always be in the scene, parents were gathered in the center and took a picture of them with the mascot. I carried Faith immediately so she can have a picture with cheeseburger mascot. After 15 minutes, cheeseburger said goodbye because he still have a lots of party to attend and entertain for. Faith was able to grab some toys, giveaways and eat her favorite fried chicken. The party was ended after two hours, the host is now paying her bills and the extra bill, lol and my family and I went off to fetch Mj at Kumon. She was so happy when I handed her the burger that I promised but I was disappointed when I found out this morning she has not eaten her dinner last night. GRRRR!

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2 Responses to “Birthday Party At McDonald”

  1. Rcel says:

    i miss having parties at any food chains there, esp. mcdo and jollibee! sarap kasi ng mga meals lahat! di kagaya dito– too westernized talaga. ang mga bisdak nga pareho naku di ganahan. lol

  2. genny says:

    i like both but i go for jollibee if i wanted to eat fried chicken. and mcdo if i wanted a fries…hahaha

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