Especially When You Are Enjoying Your Meal

When we went out last Sunday to dine at Disway, a restaurant nearby, there’s a band setting their instrument to play a little later. It was still early when we arrived there so they did not start yet. Faith was a pain in a butt, she keeps on running around the restaurant and she could not be still. So when our foods arrived, we hurriedly finish it all so we can go home and when we are about to go home, the band that I was waiting to play started playing. They sang good old music it was so relaxing. I was still able to enjoy it since my sister and the kids had a little picture taking inside the restaurant, Faith was with me and persisting already to go home, she was already sleepy and tired I guess from roaming around. So I called my sister to get ready so we can go home early. It was only a short span of time that I enjoyed their voice, the coolness of their voice soothes up to my ear. It is so good to hear beautiful voice singing especially when you are enjoying your meal.

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  1. genny says:

    if i was there, i’d probably eat a lot while enjoying the music. nothing beats the ambiance of hearing cool voice serenading us/me while eating…was here ann…

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