Recipe For Pineapple and Shrimp Omelet

Yesterday I tried to cook the recipe that I had been wanting to try to follow. I will take a picture of it tomorrow but for now I will have to share to you the recipe from Del Monte Calendar:

Pineapple and Shrimp Omelet

3 pcs. (600 gms) eggplants

100 gms shrimps, shelled and diced

2 pc. sili sigang seeded and diced

2 pouches or 1 can small Del Monte Pine apple Tidbits, drained

4 pcs. eggs beaten

1/2 tsp iodized fine salt

1/2 tsp pepper

3 tbsp all purpose flour

5 tbsp cooking oil



  1. You can broil, grill or boil the eggplants until cooked
  2. Peel and discard stems then chop the flesh.
  3. In a bowl, combine eggplants, shrimps, sili, Del Monte pineapple tidbits, eggs, salt and pepper, mix well.
  4. Heat oil. Fry mixture by 1/4 cup until cooked on both sides. Serve with Del Monte Ketchup.
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