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Budgeting For The Food

I am trying to divide my money right now. Aside from I have to give an advance salary for my sister so she can also leave some money to her family. I need to pay some bills for the house, just like the viand that we just got from our suki, I should pay that at least before I leave for Dagupan. On the other hand, the one sack of rice is secure already, my nieces are the one who are in charge of the house right now and at least one sack of rice could sustain them for one month budget.

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Grilled Fish


One morning, my sister bought a tail of a fish and grilled it in the backyard, since we had a late breakfast when it was done, everyone of us gather immediately in the dining area. Even F could not wait anymore; she puts her tongue out and wanted to have a lick with the fish. It was a sumptuous breakfast indeed.


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Take Vitamin C Twice A Day

My daughter is a swimmer and everyday at 1:00 p.m. they have their training in the pool  so I let her take Vitamin C one in the morning and one in the evening before she bedtime. At first, I don’t believe that taking Vitamin C twice a day could prevent possible colds or snots, now since my friends are doing the same thing with their kids; I guessed it is not bad to try that to my daughter as well. I also applied it to my youngest, now her colds would stop before it will get worst.

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Drinking Too Much Caffeine

I guess I really need to lessened to drink coke this time because it could be fatal to my health. To be honest, I could finish up to 1.5 liters of coke, and I know it is really not good. I really found myself addicted to it, good thing recently I started my jogging every morning excepts today though because I have to send my youngest daughter to her swimming lesson, and since I started jogging, I was able to lessened my intake of coke. Therefore, I am not that addicted yet unlike with the woman in the news I read today, she’s only 30 years old and she was really confirmed addicted drinking coke as she would start her day drinking a bottle of coke and when at night, it is the last thing also she would grab. She would go crazy when she can’t drink a bottle of coke, she will have withdrawals symptoms. She will shake and be angry. They believed that the woman died from cardiac arrhythmia and was also suffering from low potassium levels and caffeine toxicity. So if you are a coke addict, you must stop right now otherwise you might suffer the same symptoms at such a young age. I guess beverages should have a warning label on their packages.

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