Bulging Belly

Seriously I really need to lose weight; I really need to get rid of my bulging belly. My belly getting so big that if you don’t know me you would expect that I am pregnant of 3 months. And it is so frustrating, I am trying hard to jogged but it just doesn’t work oh well it is my fault also because after jogging, I would order a one liter of coke immediately.

Recently, we dined at Bigbys, their comfort room has a big mirror and when I went there, it was just so disgusting to see myself with a bulging belly, my friends are getting so worried of my health.

Our coach suggested that after holy week, the kids would have land training at Peoples Park in the morning. I planned to jog with them too, and since there is a free aerobics at the park, I may join as well. I really need to get rid of this flabby belly; I really need to work very hard for this.

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