Dinner hotspots in New Zealand

The nation of New Zealand boasts numerous excellent restaurants, which serve up delicious culinary treats from all over the globe. The eateries here come in all shapes and sizes, from street stalls that serve snacks and light bites to exclusive restaurants offering gourmet dining experiences. Most of the leading restaurants and other eateries in New Zealand accept major credit cards and charge cards as well as other methods of payment, and prices tend to be on a par with countries such as Australia and the USA. What follows are details of some of the best places to eat in New Zealand and an overview of what is available.

The city of Christchurch is famous for its excellent cuisine, which is created from fresh local produce. Visitors who enjoy the finer things in life will find plenty of gourmet restaurants to choose from in Christchurch, while the city’s chic cafes also serve up Oriental, European and American cuisine. The Four Avenues quadrant is perhaps the most popular area of Christchurch to dine in, and this vibrant area can be found right in the heart of the city. This area is comprised of Cashel, Colombo, High Street and Manchester, all of which feature plenty of excellent eateries.

Visitors to Christchurch who want to enjoy outdoor dining should check out the area known as ‘The Strip’, which lines one side of the Avon River. This area is bursting with chic cafes and good restaurants, and visitors are treated to enchanting views while they dine in style. Cathedral Square and the surrounding area also boast an excellent range of eateries, including top end restaurants and cool cafes.

People who are feeling puckish in Dunedin should head on over to George Street, which is the settlement’s main dining district. Dunedin’s most famous food treat is a special cheese roll, which features grated cheese, onion and soup on toasted bread. This and numerous other tasty treats are waiting to be sampled in the eateries on George Street.

Of course, all of the major settlements in New Zealand have their own special dishes and eating areas. Seafood is particularly popular here, especially in destinations such as Auckland and Wellington. Visitors who have a strong sense of adventure are sure to enjoy embarking on a culinary adventure in New Zealand. All you have to do is follow your nose and you are sure to stumble across something that will get your taste buds tingling before long.

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