Antonios and Bigbys

When we went out to buy F a new sandal for her graduation day, I decided to take the family for a nice dinner too and so we went to Antonios, we were already so starving at that time because we still have to wait for 15 minutes for the waiter to look for our space, the restaurant was so full that time because of graduation ceremony that mostly happen in March. So when the waiter finally found a place for us, it was then that we ordered yet. The foods arrived a little bit late and so we munch the foods with all our might. The table looks like it was passed by a tornado as we finished it all. F keeps on saying that was all yummy, especially their special rice, it has a lot of stuff that you don’t need to order more viand. I also have to recommend their special paksiw, it was so tasty but no we didn’t order that recently, I only had a taste on that 3 years ago in which I didn’t it was expensive and I need to go to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw some money so we could pay those stuff.

Last Sunday, after we visited my nephew who is in the hospital until now, I took the kids at Bigbys, and since it was Sunday, you’ll expect a lot of people inside the restaurant. Oh well their staffs are very accommodating they would immediately entertain you and so courteous to tell you to wait for a little while as they would look for a place for you. I always love their baby back ribs and this time they offered more affordable combo, it is like good for 2 or 3 so everyone had a blast.

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