Ordered Through Text

I was wondering where could we order for food when we arrived here at the Azul Pension House in Compostela, good thing the owner was so kind to text for me to order some foods from the cafeteria that she knew. They only had a few, they just offered me Chicken BBQ, Pork BBQ and Sinugbang Bangus, I know Jm loves the Chicken BBQ but she can’t eat that yet, not when her competition is approaching, she should have a tight diet on that time so I ordered a Sinugbang Bangus for us even though I know that it would be so hard for us to eat it because of so many bones that we need to separate from the meat. When the order arrived at the pension house, I thought I would pay the staff more likely P200.00 but I was so amazed that all of it includes the rice costs only P100.00, oh well when I take my meal outside it only cost me less then a hundred though. This is what I like being at the province everything is just so affordable, even the foods. When I grow old I always love to live in a province where life is just so simple, no complications at all.

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