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My lawn is in real bad shape, especially when I consider all the work my neighbor has done with his.  During a major storm this past summer; several trees fell down in my neighborhood and my neighbor seemed to bear the brunt of the damage to his yard.  Well since that time he has diligently worked to have a nice green lawn.  Now that spring is here what he has really puts my bare patches of grass to shame.

Losing those trees has exposed areas that were normally in the shade year round to open sunlight.  Now I really have to get to work on my lawn so that it will fill in all those bald and barren patches. I know that Scotts has some great products.  I have used Scott’s products in the past, but not since I have moved to this area.  But frankly I need all the ideas and help I can get.  The Scotts® Snap® Spreader System is something that will really come in handy for me.  I like the idea that if I do not use the entire product I buy that the bag will reseal and I will not waste anything.  The idea of using a spreading system that was designed for the product is superior to the old spreader I have in my garage.

Looking at what others have said Snap perks on Facebook, you can see how others have taken advantage of this innovative approach to getting their lawns in shape.  I know that mine needs a lot of work and the fact that I am far behind my neighbor in getting a good looking lawn, that this is the best and most economical approach for me.  The kids will love a nice green lawn instead of the spotty and patchy yard I now have. And the testimonial would be my basis for my successful grass lawn someday  the Scotts ® Snap® Spreader System Testimonial below.


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