Free Meals

I am finally back! We went home from New Bataan yesterday, I was so tired from the travel and got a slight fever so I was not able to do some online updates.

On the other note, although I was already bored and wanted to go home as I feel like I was being isolated I still survived. My daughter had a great time with her friends at the quarter though; they had free meals at least that lessened my expenses there. And since I am not included with the budget from the DepEd, I need to go out from the quarter to look for my own foods. That was not a problem though because the cafeteria was just nearby so anytime I can just go back at the quarter to watch after Jm, I was not really watching after her though, I believe she can take good care of herself. It was just, if I would go back at the pension that we stayed, I would feel more isolated.

Banana and Water Melon are the fruits that they always offered for the athletes, they need potassium for their bones especially for the swimmers so to avoid cramps while in the water.

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