De-Boning The Milkfish

I didn’t expect that a milkfish could be cook without a bone; I thought you just leave it as it is and struggle to get rid of the bones when you eat it. My friend told me that you could actually request when you buy a milkfish in the market to take out the bones. I really wonder how they will be able to do that and so I searched for procedure in removing the bones.

First is to scale it and remove the entire intestine. Firmly, grab all the grills inside the head and pull it out. Through the cavity opening, insert a long spatula between the meat and the skin. Then push the spatula and gently pull and move around so to separate the skin from the meat. Snap the spine nears the tail and with pressure; push the meat to come out whole between the head and the body of the fish.

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  1. Carol says:

    wow. you got a nice style how DE-boned the milk-fish. thanks for uploading the one.

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