It Quenches Our Thirst

My eldest daughter is not allowed to eat ice cream and so we were included with the no eating of ice cream because we sympathize her for her training but this morning after we enrolled F, we dropped by at the grocery shopping center nearby and so we saw gallons of ice cream in their fridge, we can’t help but to get one, we choose the super sticky, we were all drooling. When we finish our lunch, each one of us get the 4 or 5 scoops of ice cream, I allowed Jm to eat a few so to avoid her craving for it and sneaking on it. I guess it just quench my thirst though because after I finished my share, it won’t affect me anymore whenever I saw some vendors selling ice cream in the street. I know I had cough but geez it is really hot this summer and few more cups of ice cream is really the answer and is not absolutely bad at all.

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