Grilled Fish On Saturday Morning

When I was jogging this morning, I bumped into a vendor who sells fish, I asked them if she could follow me because I didn’t had money in my pocket at that time and that morning I really craved for a fish. When I arrived home my sister was already at home waiting for me, F is not yet awake. I asked my sister to buy some fish, when she gets back from checking what kind of fish does the vendor sells, my sister suggested if we could buy that tail of the fish to grill it. For the tail, it costs about P200.00 pesos already but because it was a good timing also for grilling, we bought that fish. Sister Merlyn hurriedly prepared the charcoal for grilling, and while I was at the bedroom doing my online task I could smell the fish, it really made me more starving. F woke up after a while and she went to where my sister was grilling the fish, when she gets back she said “Mama, the fish doesn’t have mouth and eyes, and lips, maybe it was hurt” we laughed at her statement. There’s no mouth, nor eyes and lips because it was a tail. We explained it to her yet she still keeps on telling that the fish is hurt because it was grilled. When it was done, all of us gathered in the table, F already had her tongue out; she can’t wait already to taste the fish. We had a great breakfast this morning because of the grilled fish, thanks to my sister who patiently done the grilling. For our sauce we had the cucumber and we mixed it with soy sauce and the juice of the citrus.

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