Was That Because Of The Cotton Candy?

When we arrived at church, F would always run around with all her heart out and there were sometimes that we could not concentrate anymore with the mass because we always chasing her. But this time it is different, the moment we arrived at the church, she asked for a cotton candy, I grabbed one immediately so she will stopped asking for things, when we went inside the church, she started munching it. She did not attempt to let go or go out in the church because she was busy munching the cotton candy. After a while, when she was almost done, she asked for water, I asked my eldest daughter to buy a bottled of water outside. She shared some of the cotton candy to her Ate Jm and Ate Ying, she almost finished the bottled of water as well. She was able to stay in one area this time, in which I was so happy with, for the first time she was still. Although I know, the sweet cotton candy is not good for her because it would make her so hyper but this time the reaction was different, she was still noisy but never she attempted to let go of us and I was so happy because we were able to finish the mass.

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