Should Have Taken Our Lunch At The Airport

Before we leave for our flight, we see to it that F has taken her breakfast and since I was also a bit hungry, I have also took mine. Actually it was a late breakfast, when we arrive at the airport it was already 11:00 a.m., we were still full so we did not order any heavy foods instead for my daughter, I just ordered her a sandwich and a juice, I just had also a french fries. Our flight was 12:25 p.m., when we arrived at Clark, we immediately look for a bus to take us to Dagupan it was already almost 3: oo p.m., at that time. I was already hungry and when the bus to take us there in Dagupan arrived, we were not able to take our lunch. I just bought a buko pie for us to take, my youngest doesn’t have a problem after all, she just drank a bottle of water and that’s it. When we arrived here in the place that we are staying, we were already starving. We should have eaten lunch in the airport instead even though we were already full. Now I got a headache and I feel so tired, good thing my daughter was okay with the whole trip. I thought she was not starving after all.

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