We Had Venture Some Foods

When we arrived here on Monday night, we have found out that they are celebrating Bangus Festival; I could see some stalls busy selling some Bangus in the sidewalk. I could even smell the tempting grilled bangs and its sauce. But we were not able to enjoy the feast because it was raining so hard after a while. But the next day, we ventured some foods I haven’t tasted yet, we ordered the Abang Laing and pork dinakdakan at lunch and Pigar Pigar for dinner.

Abang Laing was a combination of Gabi, actually it was tasted as Lanka (jack fruit) Salad and with the Pigar Pigar, it was just a sautéed cow and they just put some veggies as toppings. They said that we could only found and tasted this Pigar Pigar in Dagupan, it is their specialty and you could never taste it good as good as you tasted in Dagupan.

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