Orange Chicken in Chowking

When I would go for a meal in Chowking I always ordered the Orange Chicken. I always  choose this meal for it really keeps me drooling whenever I am already in front of the cashier ready to take my order. I planned to order some other meals but I always end up in ordering the Orange Chicken. It really has the juicy temptation and it always tasty.

Last week, as we had a late lunch, we decided to try the Chowking nearby and as usual I ordered the Orange Chicken while my kids have the fried chicken and a Halo Halo. I was already excited to eat my favorite Orange Chicken but I spotted it so dry and since I was already starving, I just ate it and did not ignore how it looks like. After I ate my lunch, it really has a different taste therefore I conclude the Orange Chicken in Davao mainly in NCCC Branch still have the sumptuous Orange Chicken ever!

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  1. Renz Bulseco says:

    My favorite in Chowking!

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