Pizza For Lunch

Jm finished her practice early in the morning at Rizal stadium here in Manila. Since the Harison plaza was just in front and she was already hungry, we headed to McDonalds to have something to eat.

Since we have eaten our breakfast in the hotel except for Jm, I just ordered 2 pc of chicken and extra rice for my youngest and pancake for me and sister Merlyn. I also treat my friends for a chicken sandwich and floats. After that, we headed to Divisoria immediately; we roamed the place for hours.

We arrived here in the hotel at 2:00 p.m. and heck I was already starving but I don’t like to eat heavy foods as dinner is already approaching. So we just bought pizza for lunch, which my daughters like very much. F was so delighted to have a pizza on the table, she was so excited and never has she stopped of munching it.

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