Thanks For The Hito

I am on a tight budget right now so as long as I can, I should only spend less than P500.00 for our meal. I thought going to the restaurant at the bay side in MOA has a lot of affordable meals to offer but I was wrong. Their menu contains only the charges of the cook and not the market price yet. Thus, for only a half of hito, they would charge me P125.00 pesos already and for the tinolang manok, that’s already P170.00, their rice is P100.00.

I don’t have any choice but to just stay there and wait for our order, a little while, the waiter approached us back to tell us the Hito is no longer available. My sister found an excuse not to eat there at all, we went back again to the food court for our dinner. LOL

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  1. Mahal talaga mga food sa mga resto doon.

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