Deals On Lighting

We just transferred to transient rooms near at where we stayed the last time. The room is simple and it is clean. One thing I noticed about the room is their nice and classy lights, I wonder with how many rooms in the building, how much discounts they got. I mean the supplier would be so lucky if they ordered the same lights in each room because I really think that the lights are not even affordable. Hmmm, I guess they got better deals on lighting because they have the same designs and styles of lights in each room.

And this transient house is always full; we found it hard to even reserve a big room for us but good thing somebody has to vacate the room because they have to go somewhere else so we immediately transferred yesterday. On the other note, I thought to purchase the same light when I will buy a new house for me, I really fell in love with the design, and I am sure my husband would agree with me.  I hope even I only purchase 3 kinds of lights, I can still get a discount or maybe it is better to look for better deals on the Internet. What do you think?

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