Spoiled Foods

Last night when we ate our dinner at the nearby carinderia here, I noticed that their foods are not new because I saw it already when we took our breakfast there. But since we don’t have any other options, we just took our dinner there, then after a while my friend complained about her fish, she said it is already itchy, and when I ate my order it was spoiled I just did not complained but I just left the food unattached I hope she would obviously noticed it.

In Dagupan, we also take our meals in the Carinderia but never had we experienced this thing. I know this is Manila and it is common for Carinderia to serve some spoiled foods and if you would complained, then that’s the only thing they would take action but why don’t they have precautions, they are the first one knew that the foods are old or it was already in the display since breakfast why don’t they just take it away and won’t serve it to the public. Tsk… tsk… tsk..

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